Love Story..

With the start of new day,
I find myself thinking of you,
In the middle of my busy day,
my mind wanders and keep thinking of you,
Out nowhere I see your smile,
hear your laugh and I think of you,
Life is beautiful now,
all over again each time I think of you ~~

     In this wallpost, I want to be 'jiwang2'..heee...actelly, i nie a little bit 'jiwang' but not romantic.heee..i think so..but now onwards, i'm still single + available..before this, i had been relationship with someone...what can i say about him, he is good looking n not bad..our relationship just happen about 6 months only..waaa..such a short time...actelly, this is first time i ave a relationship with someone..

     Lets talk a little bit about him. He is studying with the same university with me..i start recognize him at class this time, seldom to talk, chat or make a joke day, there are BEL presentation that he is a leader n i is a member of that group..he need to take all phone number of the members..we are start to message at this this time, he message me for a group discussion only..for the end of the semester, what i am recognize this time, is stdy week. All students r bz to stdy..there are some other students r bz to meet their lecture n know  their carry friends n i always stdy at the faclty..1 day, he text me to help him to see his carry mark..i can't remember the course. After see his carry mark, i reply his text..

He replies to me : thanks :-)

     Start from dat day, he always text me to help him to see his carry mark of other subject.. this time we r start to become close..At the end of the exam he text me :

He : Thanks coz always help me to see my cary mark..nant i treat you a lunch..
Me :Waaa...ok2,,i will wait ..hehe
He : ok..
( just a short text only..i can't remember )

      Next semester ( 2nd of the semester ).. he proposed to me to b a couple through the message..i promise to him, if i ave a good rezult this semester, i will accept him..he wait for me for one semester..
Alhamdullilah,  we are both together ave a good rezult. so, start from dat day, we are start to coupling n dating..

     On the 3rd semester, we are not in the same class. We are always message n the end of the semester, we have a little bit problem.. no need to inform here..what i can say just , WE HAVE A PROBLEM !!,,...Our relationship just end at the end of the 3rd semester..

     On the 4th semester, i have been informed dat he apply to dgree for sem 3..he already change his stdy to UiTM s.alam.i hope dat he always success in his life with other girl..i pray dat there r fantastic gurl will wait for him there..

     Now, i'm still single not because of i still remember him or i don't have any admire, but my heart still can't accept other men. mybe i still not met my prince ! no ! just joking ! i'm not a person dat have high taste to men ( men dat comes from a royal femly.waaaa ).. just a common person is enough 4 me ..

      This post just want to remember my love story..not such an interesting love story..!! i hope dat next time, when i'm fallen in love with somebody, our relationship will end with marriage..married??
is it too young to discuss about married while i'm still stdying n almost 21 years?? I don't think my plan, i will married when i am 25 / 26 years..just a plan but we don't know what have been written to us..


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